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Without vacation there is no Torah, without Torah there is no vacation!

Without vacation there is no Torah, without Torah there is no vacation!

Amidst beautiful green hills, in the religious town of Rechasim, in the shade of Mount Carmel, an organized vacation is being planned for Russian-speaking Bnei Torah during the hot days of August, including daily lectures and Torah classes, learning for children, three hot meals a day (with hashgacha of Badatz Eida Chareidis Yerushalayim or Rav Rubin), childrens» activities and much more.

The Or Chadash building complex, stretching out over a large territory, will be reserved for us. A large shul, grand dining room and modern rooms are available for your convenience. Every room has airconditioning, toilets, shower and cupboards. On the first floor of every building is a large lobby with a refrigerator. A large open swimming pool — with separate hours for men and women, a large shallow space for children and a very shallow space for the smallest — is a five-minute walk away. In the same area, you will find the Chatzi Olympic pool, whose opening hours are symmetrical to those of the large pool.

A fifteen-minute drive away, you will find the Shaket separate beach of Haifa, the museums of Haifa (for example, the railway musem, the museum of naval warfare — kosher and very informative for children), Mount Carmel, sights, parks. There is an additional possibility to participate in daily tours of the entire North — the Galilean mountains and the Golan Heights, Tveriyah, the Kinneret, Tzefas, kayaking etc.

-first group: Checking in on August 5th, 4.30 pm — checking out on August 9th,12 pm

-second group: Checking in on August 9th at 4.30 pm, checking out on August 12th at 12 pm (registration completed)

-third group: Checking in on August 12th, 4.30 pm, checking out on August 16th at 12 pm (only 4 rooms left)

During the vacation, classes of famous Rabbis and lecturers will be given, such as: Rabbis B. Zilber, A. Kushnir, A. Kuperman, Emanuel Tehila, Rebbetzins Chava Kuperman, Mira Weisbin, Chaya Kushnir and others.

During classes, children"s activities will be organized — e.g. jumping activities, a magician etc.

Rooms are for up to 4 people. At least 2 people in a room. Reductions will be given for Toldos Yeshurun teachers and large families.

The price includes: Room and board (full pansion), entrance to the swimming pool once a day for every family member, classes and lectures, pony riding, magician"s performance and other children"s activities. For an additional NIS 20, a tour to the Haifa port and around the Haifa bay is available.

To book, please fill out the application form and fax it to 02—5400946 or e-mail to tours@toldot.ru.

To book by phone, please call 054—5400804.

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