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Over 1 Million Visitors on our Website toldot.ru in 2009!


>In the year 2009, more than a million different visitors have come on the www.toldot.ru website! Over 400,000 of them are individual visitors from different IP addresses who continue coming to the website many times over.

We are offering you the statistics for the year 2009, presented by the American resource statscounter.com, whose counter shows the visitor statistics of our website and is located on the English page www.toldot.ru/en (bottom at the right).

And so, in the year 2009

-1,152,523 users with different IP addresses have visited our website

-out of these, 434.693 visitors have returned to the website at least 10 times

-a total of 4,642,886 articles and Rabbis answers, video classes, films and audio classes were read, viewed and listened to

-most visitors come from Russia (50% of the visitors), Israel (12%), Ukraine (15%) as well as North America, other republics of the former Soviet Union and Germany, and, not surprisingly, from many, many countries throughout the world where former Soviet Jews have settled. It must be noted that entries were registered even from Vatican!

According to the data of the counter top.mail.ru which is located in the left corner of our homepage in Russian, the website www.toldot.ru — Judaism: Torah and Jews is first among websites on Judaism and ranks at the 25th position in the list of all 2470 religious websites in Russian. (Two out of the other 24 pages are Muslim and the other 22 are Christian, mostly Protestant.) Also according to the data of top.mail.ru:

-about 40% of our visitors use Microsoft Internet Explorer, about 30% use Netscape, Mozilla, Firefox etc, about 20% use Opera, about 7% use Conqueror, Safari, Google Chrome etc, while 3% use mobile phone browsers.

-Google remains the greatest searching system through which users inquiries come to our website — about 60% of inquiries come from there, Yandex is on place 2 with about 30% of inquiries.

-the most popular searches are for: Judaism, Jewish matchmaking, Jewish names, King Solomon, Christianity and Judaism, Toldot, Judaism and Islam, Kabbalah, Jewish wedding, Jews

-the most popular pages on the site are: Topics and Tags, TV live, Ask the Rabbi, Shop, Jewish Names, Audio Classes, Kabbalah.

As of today, www.toldot.ru was and remains the world's largest Russian-language resource that is completely and exclusively dedicated to Judaism. Many tens of thousands of Russian-speaking Jews have and are taking their first steps in Judaism, towards observance of Torah and mitzvos, towards their Jewish identity, thanks to our website, begin listening to and watching classes and go on to learning centers and communities worldwide. One could say that www.toldot.ru is the world's largest Russian-speaking Beis Midrash.

One of our goals is to bring Jews from cyberspace into real space: Into communities and shuls, to yeshivos and night classes. It can be said with certainty that a large number of Toldos Yeshurun students have come to Torah classes, to yeshiva, to seminars thanks to our site. And such people can be found not only in our communities, but in all Russian-speaking communities worldwide.

According to our data, 665 donations were completed on the website by our readers, which made up about 17% of the site's budget (of course, our dream is for the website to finance itself).

It is important to note that for a great many of our users, the resource «Judaism and Jews» has truly become a Jewish home, a community where they not only spend their lunch breaks and evenings, but learn Torah and ask questions to Rabbis and family counselors and psychologists, where they change their lives and grow spiritually, and even marry!

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