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A short eulogy.

A brief posthumous biography of Rav Yitzchok Zilber.

Rabbi Elyashiv, Rabbi Shteyman, Rabbi Auerbah, Rabbi Kanevsky, Rabbi Karelits, family and students of Rabbi Itschak Zilber, address to everyone with the request to take a part in a public prayer.

A true story of a former security guard.

Gedolei Yisroel were the first who supported Rav Yizchok Zilber and the initiative of the group of his students to create the organization where teachers, staff, and of course students are Russian-speaking.

Большой потенциал большого города

The annual meeting of «Toldos Yeshurun» is going to take place on December 22, 2003 in the hotel «Chen» in Jerusalem.

With the assistance of the organization "Toldos Yeshurun", the first kosher Torah scroll was brought into the "Ohr Eliyahu" synagogue.

People were singing zemiros; it seemed that no one wanted to stop singing. But there were beautiful words of Torah waiting to be told...

HaRav HaGoen HaGodol Rav AHARON LEIB STEINMAN's address at the annual Chanuka conference of Toldos Yeshurun, organization of Russian-speaking bnei Torah

Sicha by haGaon Rav Shmuel Auerbach, Shlita
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