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Russian Torah places around the world
Places of Torah and Talmud study in Russian organized by Toldos Yeshurun in Israel
City Description More Coordinator
@Talmud online classes and chavrusos via the Internet Zeev Gershenzon
+972 52 7629859
Arad class for women Polina Eldin
+972 54 6359040
Ashdod chavrusos for men article
Uri Sklar
+972 50 4145092
Ashdod chavrusos for men Yakov Vigoshin
+972 52 8374693
Ashdod class for women Zelda
Ashkelon chavrusos for men Yakov Vigoshin
+972 52 8374693
Bat Yam Menachem Appel
Be'er Sheva chavrusos for men
class for women
Mordechai Roznov
+972 50 4155780
Bnei Brak classes and chavrusos for men article Menachem Appel
Haifa, Kiryat Shmuel classes and chavrusos for men Dov Burdan
+972 52 7617539
Haifa, Neve Sheanan chavrusos Dov Burdan
+972 52 7617539
Jerusalem, Gilo classes and chavrusos for men Uri Geler
+972 54 8415135
Jerusalem, Neve Yaakov chavrusos
Young Bukharian Jews Community
Yakov Chaimov
+972 54 8409253
Jerusalem, Ramot classes and chavrusos for men Uri Rabinovich
+972 54 8481100
Jerusalem, Ramot yeshiva article Moshe Gekraiter
+972 54 8456009
Jerusalem, Ramot Kollel Halacha article
Avraham Cohen
+972 54 8440005
Jerusalem, Ramot classes link Arye Leib Bruk
+972 54 8425833
Jerusalem, Sanedria haMurchevet classes and chavrusos Refael Miskevich
+972 54 6520109
Kiryat Ata chavrusos Yair Groysmark
+972 54 8424700
Lod, Ganey Aviv Classes for men and women
Parashat Shavua
Monday, 20:00
Tzamarot st., 7 near Tipat Chalav - Beit Knesset Bukhary
Arie Voytolovsky
+972 52 7605243
Modiin classes and chavrusos for men Moshe Muterperel
+972 50 4129793
Netanya classes and chavrusos for men Chaim Twerski
+972 50 4115925
Netivot classes Yakov Cherniak
+972 52 6545897
Netivot class for women Yakov Cherniak
+972 52 6545897
Netivot, Mishkan Hatorah classes and chavrusos for men Binyamin Hamarsky
+972 54 8447234
Ramleh classes in prison David Komsky
+972 57 3171315
Rechovot chavrusos Moshe Meir Goldberg
+972 54 7758600
Rishon LeTzion classes and chavrusos Arie Voytolovsky
+972 52 7605243
Rishon LeTzion class for women Avigail
+972 54 3007676
Tel Aviv, Neve Eliezer Mountain Jews Center
Young men classes
Shmuel David Ieguda Simantov
+972 54 5401707
Tkoa classes and chavrusos Ytzhak Moldavsky
+972 50 4107746
«Ask the Rabbi» program questions and answers at the web site link Yakov Shub
+972 54 8415130
Following is a list of places of Torah learning in Russian that operate independently of Toldos Yeshurun. Please send information of such places not found in this list to
Вечерние хевруты для русскоязычных
Хавруты с аврехим
По воскресеньям и вторникам
С 20:30 до 22:00
Синагога «Нецарим» в память Исраэля Ньюмена ул. Рамат Хаголан.
Тел 052-687-67-25
Classes of R. Aharon Sadykov for adults and children
Phone: 054-8461846
Be'er Sheva
Class for women
R. Alexander Chmelnitsky
Phone: 08-974-8916
Beit Shemesh
Torah classes and an evening collel
Jewish Center "Shma Yisrael", matnas Migdal haMaim
Phone: 057-3199742
Talmud Class (Daf Yomi) of Rav Alexander Kogan
Daily except Friday and Saturday at 4:30 pm for about 45 minutes
Yeshiva "Shvut Ami", 4 Balilius St., Jerusalem
(no classes during "bein hazmanim")
Phone: 02-5710674
Keren Ora: Institute of Jewish Studies
Yeshiva for Russian-speakers. Learning program of the Keren Ora organization
Kerem El Shul, 11 Lotos St, Dromit, Carmiel
Coordinator: R. David Kantarovich
Phone: 050-411-6988
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